Chupacabras Film Project

The Chupacabras

11161338_862668723827159_1882145621147769201_n“Every immigrant is bad until proven exceptional”

The Chupacabras, is a film project that captures the dehumanization and criminalization that undocumented immigrants face. This film sheds light on the “good vs. bad” immigrant narrative that is further solidified by exclusionary policies, such as DACA and DAPA. Ineligibility for such policies further stigmatizes undocumented individuals as terrorists, criminals, animals, and less than human. Using the metaphor of the Chupacabras we expose the sensationalized fear of undocumented people as “coming across the border with disease and violence threatening the American life.”

We want to talk to people about their first encounters with dehumanization or discrimination based on their undocumented status, and how they have experienced it in their daily lives. This film is different from the “worthy” immigrant narrative (i.e. DREAMers) that has become popularized in recent years. Through humor and satire, we want to expose the contradictions immigrants experience in our society. We are interested in capturing a wide range of stories, and collaborating with various groups, organizations, and individuals with a similar vision.

Please contact Silvia at or Kristal at if you are interested in sharing your story, supporting our project, or hosting a screening and dialogue. We hope to highlight the dignity of these stories and that this film will contribute to this important and timely dialogue.

*This project comes from a personal place of being undocumented in Arizona and experiencing family separation, detention, incarceration, and deportation within my own family and community. It is a collaborative film through a class at UCLA on social justice filmmaking.

Please follow this link to TRAILER. 

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