Never thought getting a masters from Harvard was possible… but now I have completed the first year of my PhD at UCLA!


It has been a very long time since I have updated my blog. Many things have happened since I graduated from Harvard in 2011.

Mainly, I have started my PhD at University of California Los Angeles (UCLA) and have now completed my first year. I was accepted into the first ever cohort of the Cesar E. Chavez Department of Chicana/o Studies. With over 150 applicants, I was one of seven admitted.  🙂

This first year has been challenging in many ways and has pushed me beyond my comfort zone, making me grow not only as an academic but also as a person. I have met amazing friends and have gotten the opportunity to work with professors I have admired for many years.

This summer I am working on my masters thesis, I know what you are thinking, “another masters?”  Yes, my masters in passing (as it is referred to) will be about the impact of immigration policy on children in undocumented families in AZ. I am analyzing drawing that kids have made about living through immigration raids and family deportations. I believe that their voices are  powerful and their stories should be told.

I am amazed at the fact that we are living in very important times.  Realistic debates about Immigration Reform are finally occurring while deportations continue to skyrocket.  Students known as the DREAM 9 are breaking down borders and proving that we have incredible power.

Now to really update you I will tell you about this School Year:

Summed up in pictures!

Meet some amazing people! (My cohort)

cohort_2                                                                                                           (Photo Credit: Jeff Newton)

Get to learn from the inspirational Judy Baca!


Presented at conferences on my research:

Case Study on effects of immigration raids and family separation on 9 year-old Katherine Figueroa! 


Took classes rooted in Nonviolence and Social Movements! 


                                                                                                        (photo credit: Pocho1)922563_10151605248796271_169612296_o

Painted a murals!


Performed some Teatro! 


Learned little ways to be fly in grad school…


Spent time with loved ones


Got to live in a new city… Hello LA!


Ran my 1st 5K!


Welcomed new family members: Jaylene <3


Witnessed Powerful Actions


Visited another continent, homeland of my maternal great grandparents: China! 




Reunited with family from “el otro lado” 


touched my first jelly fish! 


Blessings to you all. Until next time! 

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