Don Francisco Presenta on Univision National TV show…

As a little girl, I can remember being at home with my family on Saturdays and watching Don Francisco. I cannot believe that I will be on that show talking about….well, me. Dream Act, Arizona’s law SB1070, my Harvard journey, and most importantly the children of people who are getting deported everyday. The times that our voices reach the ears of the public are few… I am humbled and honored at the same time to have received this opportunity. The struggle is NOT over, even when the Dream Act passes there will be many battles to fight. I pray that we never lose hope, that we never lose sight of our Dreams.

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  1. You are such an inspiration! I love that you are such a great role model to everyone! Sigale!!

  2. I saw you last night with Don Francisco. I would like to help you. Do you have a paypal account? if so. I would advise you to publish it on your site.

  3. I fell in love with you last night while watching Don Francisco with my parents. Your articulation, your passion, and your story is inspiring.

    I’m visiting my parents in the central valley of California where the problems that were brought up are everywhere. Your story also impressed my parents. They both worked for the United Farm Workers union so they’re sensitive to the struggles of the latino/chicano population in need.
    Stay strong, stay positive.

  4. Thank you very much! I have taken your advise, and I have posted a link that leads to my pay pal account, where any amount you donate can be tax deductible.
    Thank you for your support!!!
    : )

  5. Great job on the show, Silvia! Well composed and articulate, you were a beacon of light from Arizona on a very big stage. Well done y felicidades!

  6. Junio 17, 2012

    Don Francisco (Mario Kreutzberger)
    Me sorprendio muchisimo que su programa de entretenimiento para la comunidad latina Ud hubiese ofrecido ese precioso tiempo, para tornar en politica. Su entrevista con el Presidente fue una decepcion. En 3 anos Obama no presto atencion a Imigracion y como Ud dijo fue el ano de mas deportacion, ahora acude a los latinos para asegurar su re-leccion, recuerde que todo lo que esta ofreciendo no es legal y es de una duracion de 3 meses, exactamente el tiempo que necesita para su re-eleccion, Ud esta apoyando y dando falsas eperanzas a la gente, Ud tiene confianza en una persona que esta violando las leyes del pais. Ud esta endoctrinando la comunidadad latina para apoyar la re-eleccion de Obama.”
    Un gran error de envolver a los ninos en politica.”‘
    Sus obras sociales en nuestra comunidad son bien reconocidas y aplaudimos estos sevicios pero politica “NO” no es acceptable

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