First day, leaves falling like blessings.

Today is my first day of school. I cannot believe that I am at HARVARD! This is an amazing experience, meeting such great people, and learning from such talented professors. I am so excited for all I am doing here. I have too many goals for just one little year, but I have to be here representing all the community, all the people who have helped me, and looked to me as I look to them for hope and motivation.

I had my required class today. It is called Arts in Education, and we played the blues! We are reading about things that have the potential to arm me with the right tools to create change, and the development of the community.  Life is crazy, I am terrified of the cold that is coming and of the ridiculous amount of reading they expect me to do. However I will not take anything for granted.

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  1. Way to go Luna! Very proud of you! Stay strong and when you feel homesick or lonely, Just look at the trees and the thousands of blessings to come! 🙂

  2. You are an inspiration to all the DREAM students here in Arizona and across the nation. Keep up the valiant fight all of us. Some who don’t have the opportunities that you enjoyed and others who are afraid. So proud of you. Keep it up!!

  3. Wow definitely an inspiration. Going to Harvard has always been a dream for me, a dream that I chose to disregard. Not because I didn’t find myself being capable of getting there, but rather because of my legal status. I as well am “illegal”, but am being penalized for crimes and actions that I haven’t committed or even had any control over. I came to this country in the year 2000. Ever since then I have tried my best to help the community and our society in both a social and educational way. Luckily for me my counselor informed me that this was my last year in high school due to excellent academic achievement. [I was shocked!] I am striving and hoping to get accepted into Harvard, one of the nation’s top ivy league schools of America, not only as top rank of my class but rather the best of my class. If I was salutatorian my freshman year, I know I can make it to Valedictorian this year. I ask you please to contact me as soon as possible. Not only would I love to talk to you and ask certain questions about the process you went through, but I would love to help you with your state-wide organizations. My name is Rosa Reyes and my number is 832-859-7062 [I reside in Texas]. By phone is the best way to contact me, but if you would prefer another method that is perfectly fine. I wish you the best of luck in your life [though I feel you need none, but yet again everybody deserves luck!] and congratulate you on your tremendous achievement. Thank you, and again congratulations!

  4. Congratulations! You are the epitome of courage and strength. I must say you’re story is inspiring and it has nourished my Harvard DREAM. Te deseo lo mejor en tus estudios! =)

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