One step at a time…so, I’m walking fast!

I took a step of faith, and bought my plane ticket for Boston. I leave Phoenix August 2oth…

I am so close, but at the same time so far from reaching my goal.

On another note: Right now two of my friends from AZ are getting arrested in DC along with 21 others students, all to make the statement that we need the DREAM ACT now! Many times I asked myself, “What do we need to do to get justice?” This is it! We need people to step up, and step out of the shadows and show their faces, their identity. I encourage you to read about who these students are.

My words are short buy my prayers are long: Justice for the just.

To get to know 21 of the thousands of students waiting for their Dream please copy this link to your search box…

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  1. I admire your perseverance and respect your courage. I sincerely hope with all my heart that your Harvard dream can become a reality. Thank you for being an inspiration to many students who find themselves in the same situation as you. Keep fighting for your dream sooner or later it will come true.

  2. shame on you, going to harvard is a luxury and not a need. why did you even applied when you did not have the money to pay for it. even people born here cant go cause they cant afford it. my children go to public school because we can not afford private.

  3. Your children have the opportunity to attend. I hope that they find passions that will lead them to competitive schools like Harvard. No matter what they can or cannot affor, where they are born, what their socio-economic statuss is, or even im/migrat statuss. Thank you for the motivation and reminder of this incredible opportunity.

  4. Going to Harvard is not a luxury. Getting accepted into Harvard is not something you get for free or something you easily pay you’re way into. You must work very hard, be extremely dedicated, and have the discipline to stay true to your passion. I believe your children have the potential to attend prestigious universities such as Harvard, everyone does. The opportunity is there, it’s up to your children or anyone else to take it, regardless of financial or legal barriers. Students who overcome barriers are the ones who most deserve attending prestigious institutions because they do not limit themselves, they dream and they dream big.

  5. Everyone has their own goals, dreams and aspirations. Some people settle for less, while others do not, they shoot far and high because they’ve got the will, the heart and right mindset to do so. Yes, money can be a setback but it’s not impossible to obtain and Silvia proves that, she has worked hard to get to where she is at and if she wants to go to Harvard, more power to her!

  6. silvia, ignore this ignorant asshole. What he really is trying to say is “im a lazy ass american with no drive or motivation to pursue anything further than i did and im jealous cuz someone like you can go to harvard while im stuck at a 9-5 job so i want to make you feel bad and this is the only way i know how” ๐Ÿ˜› dont even pay attention to rude ass comments like this. what you did and what your doing takes courage, drive, motivation, success, all qualities you assess! we miss you here at home and wish nothing but the best for you ๐Ÿ™‚ i know your homesick but know if you ever need your us lol and little brother were all here for you waiting with open arms ๐Ÿ™‚ i wish you all the success in the world in boston and although its lonely, you’ll find friends quick. one thing about you, your very loveable. i love you big sis. ignore the rude comments. you did something most americans dont have the drive to do. your an inspiration to me and many other people here in the usa illegal or not. people will always judge us, no matter what are migratory status is. learn to brush it off cuz if ur gonna fight this u gotta fight hard with words, and peaceful actions ๐Ÿ™‚ i wish i could say more but im rambling lol te extrano silvia we all miss you here in phoenix, call me if you need to talk!

  7. Silvia’s story is proof of how amazing this country is. With all the obstacles that she has had to face she has come a long way. Think of all the opportunities that your children have. Silvia has had to work twice as hard as any legal citizen to obtain everything she has. Think of the possibilities that are out there for your children. This country is that amazing. If you want something you can get it, but are you willing to work for it?

    I see no shame in having big dreams and going for them, in being ambitious and persistent, in HAVING HOPE. Silvia I applaud you for your courage to go out there even when you still don’t have all the money and I know you’ll get there!

    And as for the person that is saying shame on you, I’m sorry that you don’t have the drive and ambition to experience better things in life because unfortunately that is what you are teaching your children.

  8. If there is something I dislike is people whining about other people getting somewhere due to their hard work. Silvia represents my community well and has made many sacrifices to get to where she is.

  9. Yes, how dare you harvardsisepuede work so hard! Your work ethic is offensive to this American! Did you think this was a meritocracy? Well it isn’t. Don’t you know that Stop Asking for Luxury has American children that are entitled to benefits, private school tuition tax credit and vouchers? He/She has to fill out TONS of paperwork to get help from the government to accomplish that! No time for him/her to make sure his/her children do well in school and get scholarships!

    When America treats education with such disdain it really makes you wonder how long we can go on as one entity. This country needs intelligent and motivated people at every level, not just the lowest one.

  10. Attending Harvard university is NOT a Luxury, otherwise anyone with enough money would easily buy into it. Silvia has the PRIVILEGE to study there because of her determination, hard work and faith. So. Mr/Mrs. “Stop asking for Luxury” I recommend you teach your children about tenacity in their education, have faith in them and that way they can also enjoy the privilege of such a prestigious education.

  11. I came here to voice my support for you, lovely Silvia, but it seems others have already said it well. You are an inspiration for children whose parents do not encourage them to reach beyond their means to achieve goals that seem impossible. Your passion is what has made America a great country of opportunity. Best of luck in your endeavors and congratulations on all that you’ve accomplished already. I’m so happy to know you. xo

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