I made it, si se pudo!



(I received the Dean’s Marshall Award from my program, and was honored with a medal from Harvard Graduate School of Education, I was also asked to hold the Masters of Education flag and lead the class during the graduation ceremonies)

I want to say that I am so grateful for all the people who have crossed my path, for my family that allowed me to walk on my own path, and for the blessings God has always given me.

I am thankful that I have a community that supports me and loves me enough to sell food at church, make art, and fundraise in all sorts of ways so that someone from our barrio can graduate from Harvard, despite living with out papeles all of my life I know that if you are determined to go after your dreams you can achieve it.

I dedicate this degree to

-All the people struggling to survive in the shadows of political oppression.

-Students who fight for their education and opportunities.

-My birth and adopted families.

-My Comadres.

-My future generations. 

Sin papeles o con papeles yo voy a  lograr mis sueños.

Nunca dejare que una persona o una ley me haga sentir menos, por no tener documentos, por ser de familia humilde, o por tener piel morena.

Gracias a Dios por mi comunidad y por las ganas que me dio de vivir, estudiar, y luchar.

Gracias a las tantas personas que me hicieron parte de sus familias y me abrieron los brazos cuando necesitaba amor.

Si Se Puede, Si se pudo, y si se podrá!





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  1. Amiga! Muchas felicidades! Me da tanto gusto leer esto! Te quiero mucho! Besos!

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