Ph.D= Positivly Holding it Down!

Truth is I never pictured myself in college during my childhood.

Most of the reason for this was due to the negative messages I would receive about college as an undocumented brown girl.  It was not until I was 13 years-old and met one of my first mentors Dr. Christina Marin then a Ph.D student at Arizona State University, that I learned that Ph.D’s and college was were not only for white/rich people.

Being told that people like me only belong at community colleges and that only people with papers were allowed at the universities gave me the coraje (courage) to fight.  Now, I am thankful for all my trials, because that coraje has taken me to many beautiful and unbelievable places in my 24 years of life.

Currently, I am taking steps towards a doctoral degree…Since Dr. Marin attended to my quinceañera, I have met incredible women and men who are transforming our society in an academic and community rooted level. I want to do both, I want to be an Academic, community centered, ARTivist. Working from a spiritual, personal, political, and cultural place within me. Wherever I go I carry in my heart and honor the stories of my Arizona community.

So to give you all an update on what is happening:

I have applied to various programs in Ethnic Studies, Chicano/a Studies, Sociology, and Education. I pray that the higher path be in front of me, and that it all falls into place. I ask for clarity and direction.

Before I felt like the world was crushing me,

now I feel like this:

blessed be.

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  1. I believe that such clarity and the best path will become apparent to you. And I am both proud and glad to say that now, more than ever, you have the strength to push through. Have a safe and joyous journey.

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