We call to a higher power for strength. For DIGNITY & RESPECT!

Photo by Diana Ovalle

Some of my very close friends were arrested today. The chained themselves to the capitol building in Arizona, as a way to say that our community is being chained by racist laws like SB 107o.  I also have been organizing a 7 day hunger strike/spiritual fast for 3 of my friends.  They want to remind people that above any law, God’s law says we ARE created equal, and therefore as Human Beings we deserve to live with Dignity and Respect. Today is day two of the hunger strike.

Yesterday I went to the school where I teach computer classes for Spanish-speaking parents. It was very sad, having to explain to them that they had to have an emergency plan with their children in case they were deported by one of the everyday raids that are happening here.

It’s hard to focus on my goal of getting to Harvard, with so much cruelty happening around me. As my friend Daniel hugged me today to say hi, I could not resist and had to let all that I had in my heart out. I cried, and it was hard to control the tears that just keep coming out.

I pray that justice comes, and that it comes soon.

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  1. Hi Silvia, I saw your blogs and story and I have to tell you you are not alone and I am inspired by your courage to stand strong. I am about your age and I am about to transfer to a university in San Diego, California in the fall. Even though I am legal resident and I cannot support you financially so you can reach your goal to go to Harvard University, I am here to join the cause. Its amazing how in the in the 21th century there is still a lot racial laws against Latinos whose only intentions are to work to survive. Like you said we do not do harm to nobody.

    I will follow your movement and if there is anything I can help with let me know, I will pray for you and for all the people who do not have Legal documents to live and work in United States, but have hope, hearth, family values and are human like anyone else in this country.

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